Located in northern Tasmania, Devonport is a coastal city well known for connecting Victoria to Tasmania via the Spirit of Tasmania ferry.

From the Don River Railway to Southern Wild Distillery, Launceston has something for everyone whatever the budget or itinerary.

Get the most from your trip to Devonport as we uncover the best places to go and things to do.

Best things to do in Devonport

Last Updated: August 15, 2021
Discover the best things to do in Devonport to kick off your Tasmania adventure.

Best restaurants in Devonport

Best Restaurants in Devonport

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Best places to stay in Devonport

Finding Cheap Places To Stay in Devonport

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Devonport Information

Devonport is the bigger of Tasmania’s two cities on its north-west coast, and is known for its naval dockyards with the Spirit of Tasmania ferry.

Since the ferry connects Tasmania with mainland Australia, there is always an influx of people coming and going from the city!

Devonport FAQs

What is Devonport Known For?

Devonport is known for its fantastic weather which the city uses to produce nearly half of Tasmania’s vegetables!

The reserves in the city are particularly well-known with kilometers worth of walking trails that provide beautiful views of the Tasmanian coastline.

Devonport also boasts lovely beaches with great fishing spots!

How Many Days Do I Need in Devonport?

Two days is enough time to explore all the great things Devonport has to offer.

There are museums, beautiful parklands and an arboretum for you to discover – there are plenty of things to keep you occupied over a weekend!

How Far is Launceston From Devonport?

Launceston is about 80 km from Devonport and can be reached by driving, using a taxi or bus.

The cost of a taxi ride will depend on the time and day that you travel but it should not cost any more than $100. A trip during the day will cost less than one at night.

The local bus service also transports people to and from Launceston on a frequent basis. Check the local public transport page for current timetables and fares.

What is There to See Between Launceston and Devonport?

The journey from Devonport to Launceston is very picturesque with plenty of things to see on the way, to help break up the drive.

Popular stops between Devonport and Launceston include:

  • House of Anvers Chocolate Factory
  • Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm & Cheese Factory
  • Food producers along the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail

If you have time and want to try Tasmania’s popular cool climate wine, take a slight detour through the Tamar Valley.

Here you’ll find an abundance of wineries that are perfect for exploring vineyards with friends or family members.

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